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10 Darling Interior Design Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2019

According to, 2019 is the year of mixing everything up in your home. These decor ideas promise to do just that. Striking and memorable, these top trends are a great place to start your redesign wish list this year.

  1. Artisanal Accessories - This can range from handcrafted headboard to a standout chair or custom metal-framed mirror to keep things interesting without committing to an entire space look.
  2. Warm Neutrals - Grays have been popular for a while now so 2019 will be bringing in a cool edge of neutrals.
  3. All shades of Pink - Different hues of pink will be making a statement on prominent spots like kitchen cabinets and less pink like peach tones on walls.
  4. Tweed - A tightly woven wool shares an impact similar to velvets and other fabrics that you can mix and match easily.
  5. Terrazzo - Made from a mix of glass, granite, marble, or quartz chips giving a fresh feel from coffee tables to shower walls.
  6. Contrasting tile and colored grout - An easy way to create a new focal point in a room.
  7. Black kitchens - All White kitchens have been popular for awhile now but some are switching to a risky choice of black/dark tones.
  8. Curvy furniture - We are seeing sofas, settees and chairs becoming more curvy,
  9. A new crop of florals - You will see florals on bedding, pillows, chairs and wallpaper.
  10. Dog showers, usually in the vicinity of the mud room - Since dogs are family members too, this trend is popping up since it doesn't require much square footage.